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Common Questions

We offer a pretty crazy product and we have had some pretty crazy questions! We hope this list of some of the most common questions helps you along the way to becoming a Superfan!

  • Reveal AnswerIs your logo or website printed on the suits?
    • No. We deliver our suits without any type of advertisment or brand name printed on them. Beware of other bodysuit companies that may print their logos on the outside of the suits without informing you of this.
  • Reveal AnswerCan I see through the suit?
    • Yes, but not with 100% visibility. Darker colored suits are easier to see out of than lighter colored ones. Either way, don't do anything that would put you or someone else in danger. Definitely do not drive or run through the streets at night. Be safe!
  • Reveal AnswerHow do I wash my Superfan Suit?
    • If it's a single colored suit, we suggest washing in cold water with similar colors and then laying flat to dry. Try to stay away from hanging or putting it in the dryer. If you are washing a split suit, metallic suit or spandex costume, please just wash off any dirty areas with a wash cloth or sponge so that the colors don't bleed.

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